Oral History Interview with Lucyna Berkowicz

Lucyna Berkowicz (née Wiesman), born on March 12, 1914 in Lwów, Austro-Hungarian Empire, (present day L’viv, Ukraine) discusses her Zionist family; prewar antimsemitism; the politics of the Soviet and German occupations; selections; brutality on the streets; the creation of Lwów ghetto; escaping to Lublin with her future husband in January 1942; Wolanow ghetto; Boronov; witnessing atrocities; deportation to Starachowice in 1943; forced labor in an ammunition factory; escaping; securing papers from the underground; fleeing to Germany; hiding as Aryan; working in Flato by Schneidemühl; working in Polish government; seeing evidence of Poles harming Jewish partisans during the war; fleeing to Austria with her husband Daniel Berkowicz’s family; reuniting with her husband; returning to Germany; Bergen-Belsen and Stuttgart displaced persons camps; and immigrating to the United States on April 1, 1947.

Date: 04/21/1985
Interviewer: Eileen Steinberg
Interviewee: Lucyna Berkowicz
Language: English
Subject: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Personal narratives.
World War, 1939-1945--Jews.
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Wolanow Ghetto
Starachowice concentration camp
Złotów, Poland
Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp
Stuttgart displaced persons camp
Lublin, Poland
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