Oral History Interview with Herbert Broh

Herbert Broh, born in Berlin, Germany in 1930, relates several experiences of abusive antisemitism by his friends and his teacher as well as his impressions of Kristallnacht; his family leaving Germany for Shanghai, China in April of 1939 to join family members already living on Seward Road in the Hongkew section of Shanghai, under Japanese occupation; being enrolled in the Kadoorie School and later a cheder; his Jewish education at the cheder and the Yeshiva Katana as well as the effect of his growing Orthodoxy on his life and his family; his family’s living conditions and life in Shanghai; being very happy there and being only dimly aware that other refugees had a more difficult existence; his father’s work for a Chinese factory managed by the Japanese; his mother’s work as a cook at the Komor Kindergarten; how after Pearl Harbor his family was evacuated to the Kadoorie School; the interactions between the Japanese and refugees; the events during and after the Japanese capitulation and the arrival of Chinese Nationalist and later American troops; witnessing the departure of the entire Mirrer Yeshiva to Canada in 1946; going with his family to the United States in 1947; his life in the US and his feelings about his years in Shanghai; and being a cantor in Sun City, California.

Date: 10/15/1999
Interviewer: Josey G. Fisher
Interviewee: Herbert Broh
Language: English
Subject: Cantors (Judaism)
Faith (Judaism)
Holocaust survivors.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Germany--Personal narratives.
Jewish children in the Holocaust.
Jewish ghettos--China--Shanghai.
Jewish refugees--China--Shanghai.
Jews, German--China--Shanghai.
Jews--Societies, etc.
Kristallnacht, 1938.
Refugee children--China--Shanghai.
World War, 1939-1945--China--Shanghai.
Men--Personal narratives.
Geographic Name
Berlin (Germany)
Hongkou Qu (Shanghai, China)
Shanghai (China)
Sun City (Calif.)
United States--Emigration and immigration.
Location: Berlin, Germany
Shanghai, China
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