Oral History Interview with Per Anger

Per Anger, a Swedish diplomat, was assigned to the Swedish Legation in Budapest as Secretary for Trade in late 1942. He briefly refers to growing anti-Semitism in Hungary. He describes in detail the Legation’s response to Jewish pleas for help when Germany invaded Hungary in March 1944 as well as Raoul Wallenberg’s additional efforts upon his arrival in July 1944, a position resulting from negotiations between the American War Refugee Board, World Jewish Congress and American Embassy in Stockholm. He refers to the many ways in which Sweden was involved in helping Jews in Hungary, and explains why they did this. He discusses his last meeting with Wallenberg just before his disappearance on January 17, 1945 and the terrors of Russian occupation until his and the other diplomats’ return home in April 1945. He describes in detail his attempts to enlist Sweden’s help in finding Wallenberg and accounts of eye-witnesses who had had contact with Wallenberg in Soviet prisons. He suspects the Soviets suspected Wallenberg of being a spy because of his contacts with Iver Olsen of the War Refugee Board. Anger is the author of With Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest, NY: 1981.

Date: 10/21/1986
Interviewer: Martha Benoff
Interviewee: Per Anger
Language: English
Subject: World War, 1939-1945--Personal narratives, Swedish
Location: Hungary
Permalink: https://hoha.digitalcollections.gratzcollege.edu/item/oral-history-interview-with-per-anger/