Oral History Interview with Moshe Moskowitz

Moshe Moskowitz, born in 1922 in Lespitz-Baya, Romania, describes his merchant family which was traditional but not deeply religious; studying in a Jewish school, then in a vocational school; planning to go to Palestine; joining a Zionist youth group and working in an agricultural community; the German occupation and the Jews being transferred from the villages to the large cities and forced labor camps; his Zionist youth group becoming active in the resistance; taking on an Aryan identity; how meetings were often attended by emissaries from England and the US; the diplomatic courier who carried letters from the resistance and betrayed them; the arrest of underground members and their deportation to camps in Transnistria; his group smuggling children out of camps, giving them false identities, and setting up cultural activities until they could be processed to go to Palestine on illegal immigration on ships; how in 1944 British-trained parachutists from Palestine landed in Romania and Moshe’s Zionist Group was among those who gave them identity papers, living quarters, and maps to help them reach Bucharest; helping prisoners-of-war in Brasov with money, clothing, and medicine; rushing to the American and British zones after liberation to take Jewish prisoners out of the range of German bombings; being in charge of the funds for such operations through the Landsmanshutey; and how groups who were involved in saving children maintained connections in Israel.

Date: 08/06/1988
Interviewer: Sylvia Brockmon
Interviewee: Moshe Moskowitz
Language: Yiddish
Subject: Guerrilla couriers.
Holocaust survivors.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Romania--Personal narratives.
Human smuggling--Romania.
Identification cards--Forgeries--Romania.
Jewish ghettos--Romania.
Jewish youth--Romania--Societies and clubs.
Jews--Legal status, laws, etc.--Romania.
Parachute troops.
Passing (Identity)--Romania.
World War, 1939-1945--Deportations from Romania.
World War, 1939-1945--Jewish resistance--Romania.
World War, 1939-1945--Underground movements--Romania.
Men--Personal narratives.
Brasov (Romania)
Transnistria (Ukraine : Territory under German and Romanian occupation, 1941-1944)
Moskowitz, Moshe, 1922-
Location: Romania
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