Oral History Interview with Andrzej W. Jurkiewicz

Andrzej W. Jurkiewicz, born in Torun, Poland, discusses his Christian family; the German invasion; being a messenger for the Polish underground at eight years old; his family hiding three Jews for six months; his mother feeding hungry Jewish children who escaped the ghetto beg for food; Hungarians giving arms to the Polish underground; the Warsaw ghetto after its destruction; his deportation to Pruêko [PH] concentration camp, then Poznan, then Vienna (digging air shelters) until the end of 1944; his family returning to Poland to care for his grandmother; being harassed because his father was declared an enemy of the Soviet state; finishing his education and going to Wroclaw (Breslau); his father immigrating to Argentina then the United States; his mother joining his father in the 1960s; and immigrating himself in 1972 while his sister stayed in Poland.

Date: 08/06/1986
Interviewer: Nora Levin
Interviewee: Andrzej W. Jurkiewicz
Language: English
Subject: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Personal narratives.
World War, 1939-1945--Jews.
Location: Toruń, Poland
Pruszkow concentration camp
Fort VII concentration camp
Vienna, Austria
Wroclaw, Poland
Permalink: https://hoha.digitalcollections.gratzcollege.edu/item/oral-history-interview-with-andrzej-w-jurkiewicz/